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"Caldera Atlantic are a regulated and compliance focused global IT service provider, who are committed to connecting with our clients in a collaborative way in order to completely understand their vision and partner with them in order to source the highest quality candidates. We are passionate about working with individuals and organisations who achieve quality in their work and their standards. We focus on IT services, such as SAP and other digital services on a world wide scale. 


We believe in work being more than a job, but an opportunity to learn and grow. Caldera Atlantic will enable you to go out and explore the vast array of professional opportunities across land and sea."

Caldera Atlantic are a Global IT Recruitment Partner, BOP Studio were introduced to Caldera Atlantic through My Time To Reign for brand development and business start-up services.


Developing a solid brand identity and style throughout all publications was a really exciting project, as they had a clear vision of what they wanted and how they planned to fit in between their competition and their peers. We created a concept that brought together land and sea, symbolising the ever growing network of IT professionals across a global scale. We used blues and greens to represent the land and sea idea and tied it together with powerful imagery and clear fonts. 

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