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“I am building an exciting brand, that promotes black beauty, and encourages women to live their lives to their full potential; unapologetically.” 

Hafsas Hair is a global online store that specialises in black hair products that embraces organic ingredients and the restoration and maintenance of natural beauty. In a world where most hair and beauty products are pumped full of chemicals and preservatives, Hafsas Hair stands out amongst it's peers by offering products that allow better all round health for both scalp and hair. 


Brand identity is really important to Hafsas Hair as so much was to be considered when developing the brand. We created a concept that represented the brand's core values.  We had to think about the target market, the methods of promotion and brand awareness (such as social media) as well as the physical experience of receiving the products once purchased by customers. Branding and packaging was really exciting as we created business cards, product specification cards, thank you slips, drawstring bags and bottle labels. We also enjoyed researching wigs and hair in order to create two separate sections of the website which are Get the Look and The Official Hafsas Hair Guide for more direction for visitors and online shoppers to know what products to purchase and the techniques needed to achieve specific styles and looks. Along with this we styled instagram posts and we look forward to social media campaigns in the future.

To view the Hafsas Hair website, please visit

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because your hair is a BIG DEAL!

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brand style guide exmple .
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