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"Tays Tech is a Tech distribution company with a mission to bring practical, beneficial solutions to help solve your everyday business operational needs. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions to our customers,
and our customer’s customers. Third perspective solutions."

Tays Tech specialise in Air Disinfection and Purification: Minimising risk both in the workplace and within your home.

Distributing air purification systems which are microbiologically tested to Kill:

  • 98% of Viruses including MERs (Middle Eastern CoronaVirus), influenza, HN1/2

  • 99.9% of Bacteria including but not limited to E Coli, TB, Pneumoniae & MBPS such as MRSA

BOP Studio discussed and developed a strong brand identity and a Lettermark Logo for Tays Tech, which communicated clean, professional and trustworthy brand guidelines. 

To view the Tays Tech website, please visit

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