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By Xandria Baderin

Osun Perfume is a perfume/unisex scent by designer Xandria Baderin. 

Xandria created Osun, the first of the collection of 3 scents in honour of the African Goddess of Fertility, Osun. 

Xandria Baderin fell in love with story telling and immersing people into a different time, place and culture. Each one of the scents in the collection were based on different famous characters of Ancient African mythology. 

Branding and story telling were the main focus within this brief, with Osun the Goddess being a seductress, but offering new life to both man and woman, Osun the Scent is a unisex celebration of sexuality and beauty. With dark musky tones and stunning branding, Osun By Xandria Baderin really does take you out of this world, and back in time. 

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