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"Run and controlled by disabled people, for disabled people."

Previously known as Harrow Association of Disabled People required a rebrand. The brief set by the non-profit organisation who offer support and services to disabled people in and around the area of Harrow (and now London), was that their image needed to be modern. Their publications both digital and print needed to correlate with the brand guidelines, their information on all Factsheets needed updating, and that their mission was to "move with the times", "a new lease of life", and to "grow into the 21st century". 

It is with great pride that we announce the latest of works done for This was a lengthy process of designing with the usability as the main focus of the development. Every detail needed careful planning from the styling elements such as typefaces, fonts and colour pallet; all the way down to the ergonomically (trialed and tested) buttons on the website.'s general mission is...

"To promote and bring about inclusion and equality for all disabled people in all areas of life by:

  • Ensuring that they have access to relevant disability information, advice and support from HAD

  • Delivering high quality services that empower and enable disabled people to have the freedom of choice, access their rights to live independently and gain equality

  • Providing a channel and voice for disabled people to campaign on the issues they identify as important

  • Influencing and assisting wider society to remove all physical and attitudinal barriers that cause exclusion and disadvantage to disabled people

  • Be pro-active in bringing for consultation, to disabled people’s attention, any issues which may affect them in the future"

To read more, please see works below or visit

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