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It is with pride and honour that we announce My Time To Reign as our sister company. 


My Time To Reign, was created by Tyne Hamer, a female boss/entrepreneur from London, UK and developed by BOP Studio. 

The idea came about while Tyne was running her already successful businesses, and saw there was a gap, an opportunity for something to bridge the start-ups and the network together. A way to work smarter, not harder. A way for you to reap the benefits of your own hard work, not fuelling the dreams and goals of your boss. My Time To Reign became more than just a business, it became a family, a team, a partner to individuals and businesses alike. All businesses need services, be it Administrative and Legal, Financial or Creative and My Time To Reign handles all business needs in an honest and open way. 

To find out more about services offered by My Time To Reign, please visit

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