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RX8 Worx

RX8 Worx is a Rotary Specialist Mechanical Race Car Engineering Garage & Dealer, based in Essex, UK. 

They are a main supplier of top quality mechanical components as well fine tuning race cars to achieve the best performance and power. 

The appearance of the world famous Mazda RX8, has a futuristic aesthetic, which influenced the branding style and development. During discussion, we were directed to take inspiration from the shape of the rotor, which resembled an alien's head. The rotor has three convex faces, each of which acts like a piston. The glow behind the rotor within the logo is a representation of the combustion within the chamber of the engine. 

BOP Studio enjoyed this collaborative project, where the client had a clear vision of the imagery required for the logo and the direction for the style of branding. It was a pleasure working collectively with the owner of RX8 Worx, JapPartBreaker and Team Hektic, three renowned race engineering companies.

rx8 mock up.jpg
rx8 mock up 2.jpg
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